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Making arrangements

A funeral service is a way of saying goodbye to a loved one. We are here to support you, so that you can arrange the funeral you want.

Funeral plans and choices

If the person who has died had a funeral plan, their instructions for the funeral will be recorded and you will need to provide us with the details.

Alternatively, they might have put their wishes in a will or talked to someone close to them about what they would like. 

If your loved one hasn't left a comprehensive funeral plan, you may be required to do this. These decisions are usually very personal and can be influenced by many different factors, including family tradition, religion, the wishes of the deceased, or the preferences of those left behind.

Ceremonies for all religious, non-religious and cultural traditions are available - just ask us for details.


If you opt for a burial, you will be allocated the next available space in your chosen cemetery's plan, unless otherwise requested.

If you would like to specify a different position within the cemetery we can arrange for you to meet with the cemetery supervisor.


Ceremonies for all religious, non-religious and cultural traditions are available on site at your chosen crematorium. Alternatively, the service may be held elsewhere with a committal - the concluding rite of the funeral service - held at the crematorium.

If you would like to hold the ceremony at the crematorium, an average service is approximately 20 minutes long. It is possible to extend the service time at an additional cost and depending on availability.

Facilities are provided at the crematoria to play virtually any piece of music, providing enough notice has been given prior to the service taking place. Shortly after the service, the coffin is placed into the cremator, individually. Relatives are welcome to watch the committal, if this has been agreed with the crematorium staff ahead of the ceremony.

Following the cremation, you can choose either to have the ashes scattered in the crematorium's Garden of Remembrance or to have placed in a plastic urn to keep at home so you can make your own arrangements.

A direct cremation option is also available. With minimal cost outlay and no services or ceremony performed before the cremation, there is no viewing of the deceased and no mourners are present. However, the funeral director will be there during the committal process and may say a few words or play a short piece of music out of respect for the deceased. A simple wood effect coffin is used. With a direct cremation you won't be able to choose the time, location or date of the cremation, although we will always ask whether there are special dates such as birthdays or anniversaries you'd like us to avoid.

Funeral packages 1

Direct cremation (£1,395)

Our Direct Cremation option provides a low-cost cremation service.

Simple Funeral (£2,800)

Our Simple Funeral option provides a limited, low-cost service.

Regent Funeral (£3,500)

See more information on the Regent Funeral and what is included in this package.
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Funeral packages 2

Armed Forces (£3,350)

A funeral package designed to honour heroes and veterans.

Bespoke Funeral

The personal choice option is a fully bespoke and flexible package.
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